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Bee Venom
Bee venom is an alternative to steroids and non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs.

Bee Venom Solution (Prepared from Grade I. venom)
VeneX-10V - Some restrictions apply.
VeneX-20V - Some restrictions apply.
AVP Homeochord
Apis Venenum Purum 5X (30 ml) - Some restrictions apply.
Apis Venenum Purum 6X (15 ml)
Apis Venenum Purum 12X (15 ml)
Iontophoresis (Electrophoresis), Acupuncture, Homeoacupuncture (Prepared from Grade I. venom)
VeneX-10V - Some restrictions apply.
Apis Venenum Purum 5X - Some restrictions apply.

Product Forms
Drops-Liquid (homeopathic), Iontophoresis (electrophoresis), Injection, Ultrasonophoresis


Canine Apitherapy
Arthritis & Rheumatism -- Bell's Palsy -- Chronic Pain -- Fibromyalgia -- Depression -- Hip Dysplasia -- Inflamed Joints -- Kidney Problems -- Muscle Strain -- Tumors
Canine Homeopathy (Apis mellifica, Apium virus or Apis venenum purum - 5X - 30C)
Allergies -- Arthritis -- Back Problems -- Bronchitis (chronic) -- Bursitis -- Cancer and Tumors -- Cystic Endometrial -- Diseases of Pharyxn -- Eyes -- Female Problems -- Hypostatic Pnumonia -- Insect Stings & Bites -- Interstitial Nephitis -- Kidney and Bladder Disease -- Laryngitis -- Mastitis (accute) -- Ovaries - Peritorium -- Prostate (enlarged gland) -- Pulmatory Oedema -- Salivary Glands -- Stomach Problems -- Tonsillitis -- Urticaria -- Vaginitis
Equine Apitherapy
Arthritis & Rheumatism -- Chronic Pain -- Energy Enhancer -- Inflamed Joints -- Muscle Strain - Ringbone & Sidebone (early stage)

Administration Areas: Trigger poins (tender points), acupuncture points, acupressure points and local points.

A natural antibiotic.

Propolis Products
Propolis Tincture (30 ml)
Propolis Powder (50 g)
Product Forms
Drops (tincture), powder and salve


Canine, Feline & Equine Apitherapy
Aid immune system, bladder infections, burns, boils, dermatitis, diatery supplement, ear infection, reproductive problems, respiratory problems, teeth and oral cavity problems, wound healing

Administration Areas: Local or oral application

For more information order our Veterinary Apitherapy Catalogue.

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